Kanban Ready

Why Certification?

The value of Certification is providing evidence of your knowledge and ability to someone who can use your services but has no experience of you. The Kanban Ready certification is evidence that you are ready to work in a Lean / Agile environment using Kanban as  your framework.

How is Kanban Ready different?

1:1 evaluation. Face to face when possible, video conferencing when not. Training and certification should embrace the Lean Agile way, a multiple choice test does not reflect that, a 1:1 conversation does.

What types of certification are available? 

Personal - shows employers you are ready and capable of delivering as a team member in a Kanban environment and be part of a continuous learning Kanban team

Team – Shows customers the team is ready to deliver using Kanban and embraces continuous learning.

Company – Shows customers the company embrases Lean Agile philosophy and works as a whole minimizing TTM and delighting the customer through embracing a continuous improvement ethic.

Coach & Trainer - Ready to help others learn to use Kanban, guide transformations and help build and sustain a continuous improvement culture.

How to maintain my certification?

Kanban ready certifications never expire. Kanban ready is not a money draining treadmill but a way of spreading the joy of working with Kanban.